Privacy Policy

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General Statement

We at Sorcim are not engaged to behavior which results in privacy exposure. This website is information based free for all web users.

Emails Policy

We do not sell your emails to third party as well as we don’t need emails to promote our services and products. Your emails are completely safe.

Downloads Policy

In the site some links are present referring information blogs and software sites. Mostly we insert link, we believe are helpful in fixing computer errors.

Cookies Policy:

You can turn-off your browser if you want to stop all information sent from your system. We clearly state that information won’t be shared with third parties.


These solution are carefully researched and written by computer experts. You may need to set a restore point before trying to apply any step about which you are unsure.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Sorcim Technology reserves the right to amend privacy policy statement anytime. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.